Theory Test

The theory test was first introduced to improve road safety and reduce the accident rate of newly qualified drivers. Understanding the rules of the road is vital in order for you to be able to drive safely and pass the practical driving test.

The Theory Test Questions are increasing from 3rd September 2007. The questions, currently 35 will increase to 50. The pass mark will be 43/50 and the time allowed to complete the test is 57 minutes. A new fee of £28.50 is also included.

The theory test is a PC based test made up of two parts. The first part is a multiple choice test and the pass mark for this is 30 or more out of 35 questions asked. The second part is the hazard perception test. This is made up of 14 video clips showing real life hazardous situations. You must spot the potential hazardous situations by clicking on the mouse to show that you have seen the potential hazard before it actually becomes one. The pass mark for this second part is 44 out of 75. You must pass both parts to be successful.

Remember the theory pass only lasts 2 years from the date that you pass. If you do not pass the practical driving test within the 2 year period you will have to re-take both parts of the theory test again.

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